Saturday, October 29, 2005

october as it changes in to fall

Yes, we did have true fun.

Lake Alpine. Cataract Falls. The trail with seven waterfalls, the trail uncovered. This is what it will be like below when the water is falling.

Leaves trickling down in a circle on top of a circle on top of a circle. Simple. Spiral.

The only reason rain will be ok this year.

Choosing not to be so fixated.
Letting go.
Having new dreams.
Wanting then needing 8 hours of sleep.

Letting it go.
Having it come back.

She stops me mid-sentence to ask, when you say we, are you talking about me and you we, or we as people in general?

Are you over her?
Umm, No.

NY cheery blossoms.
In my film they will be beautiful, but they will be out of focus. Of course.

Paper flying. Mt wonder.

october before fall

Queen of dreams
Topics for blogs
Moments encountered

Man in a swimming pool with a pet shark

Artist’s way at work & globization- felt now 2005 such a reality, but in 1998?

13 ways a scenario can go. With you.

Things to retry- see if opinion or way of taking in has changed.
Like a movie, a book.

Things you knew you’d always do one day, but didn’t know today was that day.
Walgreens and passport photos.

The 1980’s, those bird chirping things. Fill water in, blow makes noise.

Mexican restaurant downtown. Shirley temples, monkey hangings in cokes. DAD.

Things that are funny.

Dogs barking. I’m inside my house now and I look out my front door (and pull the curtain aside). A man looks at me as he is about to enter a car parked in front of my house. I’m in my room. The dogs are still barking. It’s weird. It is hot in my room, I go to prop the window open, the man is now in his car and he looks at me like I’m catching him in the middle of something bad. There is a car stopped in the middle of the street. That car has the barking dogs. The dogs bark like something hysterically bad is being done to them,. That is why I look out my window. At first. Every time I look out the window, then man who is in the car next to the car with the barking dogs looks at me.

Just like that, the sun went down.

Laying on my back, looking up it is only the blue sky, a warm wind and the drowned noises of car that I make into the ocean.