Friday, March 05, 2010

rose scented

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but. When I walked out the door I was engulfed with the scent of rose. Mmm, my hands were in the pockets of my vest, it was chilly outside. I have not used the rose scent of late, and my shirt is fresh from laundry, and although I have been wearing this lime green vest of late...I just have not used my rose scented spray of late. Traveling on bart I still smelled it. Maybe it was someone near me? Soon later, on the shuttle that takes you from Daly City Bart Station to SF State, I still smelled it. Walking to my cinema class, I still smelled it! Ok, this is no coincidence, it is not someone I chanced near, it is me. But how could this be?

I took a full breathe as I walked toward the fine arts building. Enjoying the rose. Yes, I was still tired, and now I was post grumpy...the scent of rose really doing me wonders. And the enjoyment of mystery.

The other day I bought rose coned incense and a deep redwood-gold star foiled incense holder for my dear friend e*. Before I gave her this gift, I put 3 rose scented cones in my pocket. Like premonitions of a secret to follow, three days later.


Anonymous said...

你的文章讓我有種特別的感覺,請加油哦~~ ..................................................

any_spaces_whatever said...

hi test, it is me