Wednesday, February 01, 2006

happiness, peace- the conflation of other things too

i am officially conflating my public and private addresses. aka: thus starts the part where i cut and paste from a letter i wrote onto my blog. with edits, of course.

not like i have never done it before, as if.


loveley you,

in meditation, when howie was reciting a poem, i had a breakthrough glimpse that i may be able to connect with f's poetry after all. i bet her poetry is zen! well, ok, it may be catholic, but underneath all religion is spiritual... (yes, i know her writing is more spiritual anyway)

have not tried it yet, but so excited, i had to tell you.

howie was on fire last night. i am still musing over some inspired thoughts. to share.

also, i was thinking lovely and fond thoughts about you last night!

i re-encountered that i had that feeling (for you) again, which i have had for the whole 10 + years we have been friends: every day and every moment i am excited to know you!

oh la la, i love being in the present. i think i love fluidity- i guess some call it change too. being alive. i love, as neela calls it, being in love with my friends!

dude, it feels so good to feel alive and connected to those i love.

i am not sure if what i feel inside jingling around is happiness or peace.

i woke up at 7:28 am this morning because i had to pea and because i wanted to google and find an online entry of frida kahlo's journal entry. did not find it, but i crave it.

let's make a date soon.

make me a list of juicy things from your school week, or scan cartons you have drawn while in class.

nb wants to write a graphic novel and i said, um, hello, talk to akd!

love, kn

ps. i want another tattoo...i even have an idea!

here is a give away hint: waterfall.

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