Wednesday, February 01, 2006

liquid musings

liquid musings:

chamomile tea- yum yum
fruit punch gatorade- always
water- forever
more water- all around
green tea - cultivating
coffee -may be leaving
orange spice tea- tonight's discovery
morning blend from joe's corner store- ah, yeah
hot cocco with soy - sleepy
buttermilk -yes, it is true
sangria- refreshing
red wine- smooth, sometimes
banana soy shake- yes i can drink milk
water with saffron- yet to try


of course compiling this list was inspired.


i have also been researching and collecting artists' blogs and journal entries. want to introduce my students to the world of "filmmaker" journal via an online blog.
woke up this morning at 7:28 am - mostly because i had to pea, mostly because i was dreaming of a reading of frida kahlo's journal. here i am blogging, before i go onto google again to find a frida entry in the world wide web.

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