Sunday, August 07, 2005

it all will fall right into place

i have been inspired by summi, neela and aysha and hence here i am, blogging.

i am listening to a song that is telling that it all will fall, right into place. i do believe it.

my mom keeps trying to make it a rule that i call her every two days (and she will also follow the rule and do that same for her mom). i do like to follow rules. well, most of them. this is something funny i have discovered about myself. like for example, if it is a rule not to use a certain tripod with a certain camera bc it is potentially dangerous, i will not do it. ok, see, i am not as much a rule follower, just really into being practical. prior to this time, i have resisted my moms made up rule, but lately, i really do not mind. it is the least i can do, if that means she feels i love her when i make a simple call.

so what else is falling into place. everything! even the things i do not know about and the things that have not yet fallen into place.

see, i am starting to believe in the universe and the power of my heart and soul again. if i am sincere and true to myself and kind, then it will ripple in the universe.

joe- he owns and runs the corner store down the street. he is always so kind, yes, he has aura that blows the roof off. so many people go into his store and he is so pleasant to interact with. i think he adds goodness to our little strand of 20th street.

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