Wednesday, August 17, 2005

patience smatience, but the color blue

Today I am having trouble being patient. Really, this probably means that I need to go swimming, do yoga…something to calm down. Instead I am dilly-dallying on my computer. Maybe I should do some jumping jacks soon.

Last night I thought I was heating up water in the teakettle, but there was no water in the pot. I took the scorched teapot to the sink, with the intent of filling it up, and by gee golly, I burned my left-hand middle finger- a steam burn! I should have thought this through, especially since I was talking science like stuff at dinner with Abby Paske and Kester Allen. Alas, my thought process was checked out. Today I have a water boil bump the size of a mini mountain. Gross. Well, it is going to be gross when it pops.

When oh when will it pop, what will I be doing, how will it pop, will it hurt?

Sometimes I dislike not knowing… some days I retain and nurture my control tendencies. This has not happened for a while, but something is in the air this week.

Patience rhymes with smatience, That is my song today, "patience smatience! - patience smatience! - oh - la- la- la"

I want to go on a trip in Nov and Dec, but everything at work is up in the air until next week, so I have to wait to figure it out. Waiting. Wait. That is the real tune behind my song for the day. I do not like waiting. That is part of why I do not like airports or plane rides. But I love working on a film for 1 year.

Campbell told me last week that blue is our default color and it also had something to do with why we see the sky as blue. I made AP and KA explain this to me. We decided that one- blue is the easiest color for us to see (a science thing) and two- in our eyes, the blue receptors are the most sensitive. Which came first the blue sky or our sensitivity to blue?

Blue is the color is infinite possibility.

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